May the month of

Everyone knows that May is the month to welcome May flowers.  Did you know that May is also the month of: Better hearing and speech, foot health, gifts from the garden, lyme disease awareness, motorcycle safety, national allergy awareness, and national physical fitness and sports. There are a lot more, however, my favorites are: Family Wellness; Get Caught Reading; Go Fetch! Food Drive for Homeless Animals; National Barbeque; National Military Appreciation; National Share A Story; National Smile; Young Achievers of Tomorrow; and Teen Self Esteem Month.

May should keep you very busy. Your family can be together reading and/or taking a walk, collecting food and treats for community animal shelters, and thank someone in the military for their service. Share a story with a younger person while eating some tasty barbeque and give some encouragement to a teen to boost their self esteem. And everyday in the month of May, DO NOT forget to SMILE!

Have a great month!

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