December is the month of…

In order to write our blog, one of the first things that I do is to research the coming month and see all the neat things that we are to celebrate that month.  It is always fun to come across some lesser known celebrations that I was not aware.  I always try to find some items that are related to the library and reading since that is our main objective; to encourage reading and learning!

Well I searched high and low and had a very difficult time.  It seems that December is to celebrate EATING!   So here is a list of some tasty items to celebrate: the 1st is Eat a Red Apple Day; the 4th is National Cookie Day; the 8th is National Brownie Day; the 13th is Ice Cream Day; the 15th is National Lemon Cupcake Day; the 16th is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day; the 18th is Bake Cookies Day; the 24th is National Chocolate Day; and the 25th is National Pumpkin Pie Day. Whew I am reeling from all that sugar just thinking about it!

December is also the month to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

We do not want to forget  Pearl Harbor Day on the 7th; National Poinsettia Day on the 12th;  Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day on the 27th; and the last day of the month and year on the 31st is New Year’s Eve.

So in your spare time in between cooking and eating and celebrating why not pick up a good book and learn something new!!!  It will make your month and might be a high point of your year! Enjoy.




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