Our Memories of a local library….


Just saying or thinking about the library brings such warm and happy feelings to me.  I remember walking my younger brother to the library in my hometown to assist him in getting his first Library Card. I think he was about seven years old and there is almost a ten year difference between us.  I was a regular at the library and was well known by the librarian, especially in the summer. I did not need to have a parent’s signature back then. I would take a large brown paper grocery bag and fill it up with books which I would return in a week, way before they were due. Our library was by the town lake so was very picturesque as well.  My brother had watched me do this for a few weeks and decided he would like to try out the library also.  So I was his escort and since this was his first time I thought we should limit the books he checked out.  Whew did I have a load of books that week.  So much for limiting!

I spoke with my brother recently, and he brought up his first visit to our local library.  I was also surprised to learn that he still has his library card and carries it in his wallet.

You never know when someone is taking note of all the reading you do. Inspire someone!

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