Havelock Literary and Crab Pot Society…..

As per Luann:

I just spoke to Margie.  She is uncertain about the library opening next week.  I called Havelock City Hall and our book group can use the Board Room to meet Oct.3rd 10:00-11:30 am to discuss The  Stone Angel.  

 I am picking up the next book collection today from New Bern Library.  Claire will be distributing the new book ( Miss Dreamsville and the Collier Co.Women’s Literary Society) and collect the copies of the The Stone Angel.

 We can carry on with flexibility!   Luann

PS  The Stone Angel was not particularly uplifting but it provides a lot of food for discussion. People do face loss that affects the rest of their life.

Thank you Luann for getting this set up for us.

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