Havelock Library Patron Code of Conduct

Havelock-Craven County Public Library

Patrons are required to abide by these established conduct rules as approved by the Library Board of Trustees.


  • Engage in activities associated with the use of the library. The library is expected to be a quiet area. Patrons not reading, studying or using library materials may be required to leave the building.


  • Steal, deface or mar any items on the library premises.
  • Harass or annoy others through noisy or boisterous activities by staring at or following another person with the intent to annoy that person.
  • Consume food or beverages, smoke, or use tobacco or tobacco products within the building.
  • Carry or brandish weapons on the library premises.
  • Use library telephones.
  • Leave children under 8 years of age unattended by a responsible adult on library premises.
  • Use obscene, profane, suggestive, or abusive language or behavior.
  • Interfere with employees’ performance of their duties.
  • Be under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the library premises.
  • Talk or sing loudly to others or in monologues, or by behaving in a manner which can be reasonably expected to disturb others.
  • Play audio/video equipment or operate computers or personal telephones so that others can hear it.
  • Misuse restrooms.
  • Engage in any illegal activity or conduct in violation of Federal, State or Local law, ordinance, or regulation while on the library premises. Communication of threats, physical violence, or sexual offenses may result in permanent expulsion.
  • Enter the building without a shirt or shoes.
  • Engage in selling, soliciting or loitering. This includes soliciting for money, items, service, membership, or prostitution. The distribution of leaflets or posting of notices in areas not authorized and not approved by the library is prohibited.
  • Use furniture in an inappropriate manner. This includes sitting on tables, putting feet on tables and chair seats, or rearranging library furniture.

Failure to comply with the Library’s established rules and regulations may result in expulsion for the day, permanently, or in arrest. Person’s refusing to leave when asked are subject to arrest under the North Carolina trespass laws (NCGS 14-159.12 and 14-159.13)